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August 15, 2016

Random Thoughts About the Convention

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I just remembered someone who spoke at the convention talking about Hubert Humphrey’s 1948 civil rights speech.  So I went and listened to it.  (Listen here, it’s not long)

I was struck by a multipe things.  The first thing was, wow, he was a really good speaker.  Two, he kind of reminds me of J. P. Barone.  Three, I had no idea the passion that some people had for civil rights in the 1940’s.  But one of the main things that I was struck with, was the fact that back in the day, delegates to the convention could actually *do* things.  It would have been great to at least have a minority report about the TPP.  I think we could have convinced a lot of Hillary delegates to vote with us.

I was also struck with a sense of awe at the fact that I was in the same place as someone who, while only vaguely referenced in U.S. history and Minnesota history, was a very influential person in politics in the 20th century.

And if you’re wondering, the minority report passed by a narrow margin and a large chunk of the south walked out.  Of that convention and the party for good.  (More on that and more, here)

All I can say is, Good Riddance.

July 26, 2016

First Day of Convention

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Whew, long first day. I’ll start with my thoughts on the whole experience. There are three things that I think the DNC could have done differently to ensure a more “unified” delegation.

1. They could have adopted a much more progressive platform, especially regarding TPP and fracking, and universal health care. They also shouldn’t have pressured Sanders into not bringing minority reports to the floor. (I’ll get into this later)

2. They could have completely eliminated superdelegates (instead of the “unity” commission that is going to “look into” “reducing” the number of superdelegates). Or they could have at the least changed the rules so that superdelegates have to vote the way their state voted. Superdelegates have way too much power. The people on the rules committee learned their lesson from the platform committee and drafted a minority report, but some of the members were pressured into withdrawing their name so those things didn’t get to the floor to be debated either.

3. They could have let the first night be about Bernie since Hilary is technically not the nominee yet. It’s a real slap in the face to just have her talked about the whole night when there was another candidate that got *almost* as many votes. It’s not like it was a landslide or anything. They should have had day one be about him, the roll call on day two, she wins the nomination and then the rest of the convention can be about her.

If these three things had gone a better way, I don’t think there would have been so much discord on the first night.

Now for a bit of explanation. So the committees met before the convention. Rules, credentials, and platform. Most of the “meat” of the convention actually happens at these committee meetings.
At these committee meetings, they will vote for various things. For instance, at the rules committee which determines the rules for the convention, but also the bylaws for the Democratic Party.
The credentials deals with upgrading delegates to alternates and making sure that each states delegation followed the rules that pertain to nominating delegates. The platform committee is the one that
drafts the Party Platform.

If an amendment fails to pass at these committee meetings, and enough of the delegates at the committee (I think 25%) sign a minority report then it can be brought to the floor of the convention for debate and consideration. But skipping this part in various ways as mentioned above, it really made it so that the only reason we are here is to cast our vote for the nominee of the party and that’s it.

There was very positive aspect of yesterday though. When Bernie talked to just his delegates, he told us about a new organization called “Our Revolution”. This organization is going to take the
political revolution forward and work to elect truly progressive candidates up and down the ticket, from school board to county commissioner, to mayor, state congress and federal congress. This
is super exciting and I actually – like pretty much every one of the 1900 delegates – signed up to host a livestream of the first announcement thingie at the end of august.

I’m already going to start work on this by working to get Rick Nolan elected in CD8 in Minnesota and working to get my Senate District to also help him.

June 25, 2016

My response to Icelandair

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Icelandair basically told me that I get no recompense for changing my seats, making us miss a whole day in London, and not feeding us when our flight was 3.5 hours delayed. This is my response


I know that you’ve done everything you’re *supposed* to do, but there are ways of going beyond what you’re legally obligated to do so that you ensure the customer is satisfied.

I am extremely dissatisfied and while I know it won’t effect your bottom line, I won’t be flying icelandair again and I will tell my friends and family not to and I will tell social media not to fly icelandair.

You guys could have chosen to handle this better but instead you hide behind legal-speak.

Good day.
Boycotting for life,
Michael Bearfoot.

September 22, 2014

Morning Mist

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I really should take more pictures…


Misty Morning

Beautiful Misty Morning

February 1, 2014

Games with friends.

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I just got home from playing Caverna with two friends. This game is a lot of fun, even when you lose! (which I did)


This is set up.


This is my board at the end.


And finally, an above shot of the whole game (yes, I am that tall)

I just noticed that we all had laptops. We’re geeks 🙂 Mainly we were teasing Internet friends that couldn’t be there.

Fun times, for sure. Knackered now. Bed.

November 3, 2013

The day the Internet returned!

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Well, returned to normal speed.
I decided at the beginning of October that I wanted to go to a breaking bad party. Having only seen a few episodes, I had a lot of catching up to do.
So I watched episodes to and from work and managed to go through my whole 5gig allotment. (luckily it happened October 30th)
Now I’m back on 4G, and I much prefer it over 2G.

Today we played xbox in an senior living apartment building, played civ and watched sports and rocked a baby to sleep.

Good day.

November 1, 2013

November and Columbia

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I should have had this blog post up yesterday. (I’ll just back date it)

I’ve decided to post every day for the month of November.

Friday (which is today, really it is! 😉 ) was good. Kind of bittersweet. Columbia is becoming less of our place every time we visit..

Today we ran errands with Chelsea’s mom and ate at El Rancho. (I forget how good that place is)

Well that’s all I have now. Here is a pic of one of the babies we are visiting.


March 13, 2013


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I made cupcakes for Chelsea tonight.

Last year for her birthday, I bought a cake. It was sub par. So I said I would bake her something to make up for it.

We’re doing the elimination diet and today is adding pumpkin. So pumpkin cupcakes!


(and I did it just before her next birthday)

December 22, 2012

Yule 2012

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Our altar from the ritual this morning. The important thing to note is the masonry jar on the right. This is filled with our gratitudes. It’s nice to have so many things to be grateful for.

December 21, 2012


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Yule presents. I love giving gifts. It’s kind of selfish, since I get a good feeling from it. Blue is me to her and red is her to me. It looks lopsided, but we both have the same budget. (and i get handcrafted items!)

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