Twitter Updates for 2009-08-27

  • @NikHargis I think they sell those at Gotcha… in reply to NikHargis #
  • I think I'll cook before making cohesive block post. It will come though. #
  • Well that was pointless. I'll take all my tweets and try to form a cohesive blog post when I get home. I'm sad. #
  • I just want to get out here before the ick gets on me… my soul feels dirty. I'm showering when I get home. #
  • The more I listen to these … subhumans, the more I think that this isn't my country… ×sigh× #
  • The bill says that doctors get reimbersed for discussing end of life decisions with patients. #
  • CM: the irony about the end of life panel misinfomation is that in the bill, it brings the fmly together to make sure the person has control #
  • Ow, the idiots are loud. Let's see how she responds. #
  • @tamarisk mmm brownies in reply to tamarisk #
  • @NikHargis well cookies are nom. 🙂 in reply to NikHargis #
  • And of course someone yelled after the prayer, "chappaquitoch!" Asscob. #
  • Well it could have been worse, he commended ted kennedy for believing in health care for all. Mentioned everyone having health care 3 times #
  • @NikHargis pie? in reply to NikHargis #
  • Of course we have to start with a prayer. Um no, he's not a god of all people. Even your bible says that. #
  • @NikHargis the cake is a lie… in reply to NikHargis #
  • Looking over shoulder at text: please pray 4 truth 2 come out at mccaskil town hall. Besides the obvious, you're too old for aolbonics 🙂 #
  • Oh gods… they have to trot out the dead fetus posters… I think I'm going wear out asscob by the end of the night… #
  • I don't understand how people can be so against the public option. Most of the people with signs are almost medicare age… #
  • @tamarisk exactly. in reply to tamarisk #
  • Ah blessed air conditioning. How I missed you. 🙂 #
  • People passing out water are pro-reform. Anti-reform people laughing because they got water from them… #
  • I feel better now. Quite hot in the sun, but they passed out water. Mmm liquid. #
  • Am I allowed to hit people? No? Idiots. Yes the whole point of this is to force all women all the time to have abortions. Asscobs. #
  • @CarisaHates oh I will. And during too. Twitter is good for that. So first thing, 1/2 mile walk from car to line. Long line, hope I get in. in reply to CarisaHates #
  • Going to a healthcare town hall. This should be interesting… #

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