An Inconvenient Truth

Well I just saw An Inconvenient Truth, and I must say, it is as much as everyone says it is.  If you haven’t seen this, you have to see this!  Everyone needs to do their part.  We already do a lot of the things on the list, but you can always do more.  I plan on trying to make some kinda tech thing somehow.   I have an idea fermenting back there that could be a good one.

As for the lack of updates, (as if anyone reads this 🙂 ) I will try to update more in the future.  I think I may have even said that before…

Well, anyway, maybe this time it will stick.  Expect a more Climate Crisis slant on things in the future…

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  1. Oh, so more feel-good happy stuff, I suppose? 😛 Ah, well, one of us has to think about these things, and it’s probably better that you do it than me. You don’t want to be picking up after my anxiety attacks *every* day. *L*

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