THQfaAL Chapter 1 (Family) Question 1

This is the first in a series of questions and answers from the book The Hard Questions for an Authentic Life, by Susan Piver.

See Below the fold for the first question.

Whom do I consider to be my family? How many families am I a part of? List every person whom you consider to be a part of your family — be it your family of origin, the family you’ve created through marriage, the family you hope to create, or your families of choice.

I divide family into three categories: Primary, secondary, and tertiary. It sounds kinda clinical, I know, but it makes sense when you think about it. Primary are family that I’m constant contact with, my “Core” if you will. And then you have the next layer, which would be the family that I talk to on a semi-regular basis, at least once a year. And the final category are people that I’m related to, but don’t ever talk to. Most of these are Chelsea’s relations. Nothing against them (Mostly) just not a lot in common. So without further ado, here is the list.


  • Chelsea – Marriage
  • Shawn – Friend turned family. Equivalent
  • Marilyn – Marriage – Chelsea’s Mother
  • Michelle – Chelsea’s semi-adopted sister
  • Joseph – Michelle’s Husband
  • Megan – The above’s devil child (kidding(kinda 😉 ))
  • Lilly – The above’s angel child (not fair to megan, I know.)


  • My Mom (I know, it’s quite sad. Long story, nothing too horrible though.)
  • Jim – Her boyfriend
  • Gary – Michelle’s brother
  • Sharon – My aunt
  • Becky – Another aunt
  • Katie – My cousin – Becky’s daughter (We were pretty much siblings growing up.)
  • Dave – Katie’s Husband
  • Alex – My um, first cousin, once removed? I think. – Katie’s daughter
  • Ian – Katie’s son
  • Grandma Gert – My great grandma. (I really need to call her!)
  • Nicole – Another cousin – Sharon’s Daughter
  • John – An almost uncle – Sharon’s old boyfriend – Nicole’s Father


  • Sean – Michelle’s brother (put his brother through a lot of shit, maybe I’ll disown him)
  • Jeff – Cousin – Sharon’s son
  • Char, Carla, Benji – Cousins – Becky’s Children
  • John’s wife (Is it horrible that I can’t remember her name? I guess that’s why she’s tertiary 🙂 )
  • Mary – Chelsea’s Republican Money Siphon Aunt (Wow, that’s harsh)
  • Rick – Mary’s Husband
  • Michael – Chelsea’s cousin – Mary and Rick’s Son
  • Eric – Chelsea’s cousin – Michael’s Brother
  • Fama – Chelsea’s grandmother and great aunt through marriage (That’s an interesting story)

That’s what I can think of. I really hope I’m not forgetting too many people…

Update: I just remembered that my siblings aren’t on the list.  They were all adopted.  I haven’t found them het.  When I do they will be added to the list posthaste.

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