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July 16, 2010

Reason for Unfollowing…

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I unfollowed Nathan Fillion on Twitter a few days ago.

Last week a person posted to the internet a video of a rainbow and his reaction to it.  He was foolish enough to show great enthusiasm for said rainbow, and the internet, which as we all know can be quite cruel, made fun of him for it.  The reason I’ve unfollowed Nathan Fillion is because he joined with the internet in mocking this person.  Heavily.  Sure, it was vaguely amusing, and not “cool” in the slightest, but by joining in (and egging on) the mockery, Fillion joined in a disturbing trend.  You see, in our society, it’s not appropriate to be truly enthusiastic about anything (with the exceptions of sports and celebrities).  This aversion to enthusiasm (and to intelligence, which might be related) shows that apparently we want to be a country of boring, dull, idiots.  That attitude is not representative of the culture I want to live in, and I won’t support people who perpetuate it.

Let the man commune with nature; Gods know we don’t have enough of that these days.  For all the mockers know, that man could have very well have found God, connected with the Source, or discovered the sacred in that moment – but I forget.  That’s not very cool, either.

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  1. First, I doubt if Nathan needs you to be following him or needs me to defend him! That said, how can suggesting that we all use this as a catch phrase whenever we think something is awesome be considered mockery? Have you ever had something you said used in every day language to convey pleasure??? Nathan would probably be hurt that you think he’s mocking the gentleman. I think you should rethink your position because Nathan Fillion is Double Rainbow All The Way!!

    Comment by Myra — July 17, 2010 @ 7:30 am

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