Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-10

  • @beckyhargis Hey, 13 year old's have some nice phones nowadays in reply to beckyhargis #
  • @beckyhargis which phone? in reply to beckyhargis #
  • I love you. Nah. I'm headed down now. This movie is crazy long. Be right there. #
  • @Nerethel you and me both. I haver tip find people up here… in reply to Nerethel #
  • snow and sunshine. interesting #
  • Sitting down to watch Eclipse. Again? #
  • I'm sick of all the posturing and lying. "Cut deficit, cut deficit!" "Here's how you can save 700 Billion dollars." "Don't tax my buddies!" #
  • I used to be really into politics, but I think I give up. I'll still vote so that I have the right to complain. #
  • @stinkkatze cool, which motorola did you get? #
  • I made it! No more worries tonight. #

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