Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-24

  • Chillin' in the front yard while Chelsea goes to get new locks… #
  • Also, I must mention that @Pickle_of_Fire did an awesome packing job!
    Very minimal shifting in one cube only. #
  • Cubes delivered, lock broken, STUFF! #
  • @CarisaHates If you're wearing invisible clothes, then no wonder your getting attention! 😉 in reply to CarisaHates #
  • What a beautiful day to NOT be at work! #
  • We've been a country for 235 years and we've been at WAR for 209 YEARS. Wow… #
  • I can't keep track of her when shes NOT incorporeally possessing a ship… #
  • @beckyhargis I can't see your site. 🙁 It's not working for me. Ah well, I'm not a java programmer anyway. 😉 in reply to beckyhargis #
  • @NikHargis you have a windows phone? Btw, I have a shopping favor to ask when you have some time. in reply to NikHargis #
  • First time in a school bus since high school. Weird feeling for sure. #
  • Er. "to battle" not "to do battle" #
  • He went to do battle with two umbrellas. #
  • Nissan xtrra's remind me of friends. Especially the yellow ones. Trucks, not friends. #
  • @tamarisk While I am generally not one to turn down snacks, I was actually eating lunch at the time. Guess I got a bit enthusiastic… in reply to tamarisk #
  • Good thing the tongue heals quickly. #ouch #
  • @tcollen are you allowed to use a non-crashplan backup solution? 😉 in reply to tcollen #
  • Done cleaning the old apartment. Now if the landlords still stop being asscobs and give us our deposit… #
  • @tamarisk Happy Anniversary, My love! in reply to tamarisk #
  • Internet will be live tomorrow. #didn #039;tthinkicoulddothatoverthephone #
  • Power out. 🙁 #
  • @glennrice @the_blue_note Holy shit. And also. Agreed. in reply to glennrice #
  • Why do I keep ending up on busses that go by mpr? #sad #
  • @beckyhargis ??? in reply to beckyhargis #

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