Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-08

  • I guess a expected too much. Not one, but both twin cities papers all over republican's manhood about shutdown. #
  • Back in #msp now for food. #
  • Firefly + serenity firefly serenity last try… #
  • Serenity – another attempt… #
  • @tamarisk there is a twitterbot that tweets quotes from various shows/movies. #
  • Trying to trigger the firefly bot… #
  • To add more homoeroticism to ufc fight, they get lubed up first. Seriously vaseline to the face. #
  • OH: "you're eating another 12 wings?" "dude, I'm fat, leave me alone." #
  • Guy at the next table talking about how public schools teaching lies about religion. #ignorantpeople #
  • Day at daytona beach with family. Fun times! 🙂 #

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