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August 27, 2009

So I went to a town hall…

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I went to a town hall with Claire McCaskill and all I got was these sore legs.  Well that and a distinct feeling of a loss of faith.  Not a loss of faith in any gods or goddesses.  That’s still intact.  But I feel a loss of faith with my countrymen and countrywomen.  I used to think we could do anything, fight anyone or thing, and I don’t necessarily mean militarily.  But I’m starting to believe they won…

I know this is what they want.  – Sorry, the “they” being Corporations – They want us to give up.  So I guess I’m helping them win, but…  I just don’t see how we can win.  I mean, like Chelsea pointed out to me today, our public school system from day one is designed to turn out drones.  Well, it’s working.  They are being told what to think and buying it.

With that said, let me pull my tweets into a story.

So yeah, first thing I see after walking probably half a mile or more and getting in the extremely long line was a woman passing out flyers on how the health care reform was basically going to mandate abortions.  WTF?  Seriously?  You believe this stuff?  *sigh*  Anyway, later on she cleared this little misinformation lie up.  The bill allows – notice that, allows, doesn’t force – allows doctors to discuss abortions.  They asked her if she supported an amendment to not allow federal funding for abortions, and she had to tell these people that it was already that way.  Thats why the amendment died.  It’s already the law.  You would have to specifically add an amendment to allow funding.

So I’m standing there in the hot sun and the pro-reform Health Care for America Now people start passing out water, so I take one gratefully and notice one of the anti-reform people take one, I didn’t think anything of it until I saw them laughing and joking because they got water from the pro-reform people.  I think it’s quite easy to spot the decent human being in this scenario.

As I looked around, I noticed that most of the people against the public option are near medicare age.  (Including the woman texting “Pray 4 the truth 2 come out”  1.  Are you charged per character? 2.  You’re too old for AOLbonics.)  So I guess it’s okay for them to get Medicare but no one else should get “socialized” healthcare.  That’s the main essence of this whole “debate”  I get/have mine and FUCK EVERYBODY ELSE DAMNIT!  *deep breath*  Okay…

Of course they have to trot out the dead fetus poster, because that’s exactly what this is all about.  Asscobs.  (My dictionary suggested Ass-cobs and Ass cobs.  I think one word is right…)

I was all set to be annoyed at the opening prayer, especially when he started with god of all people.  But then he surprised me by talking up Ted Kennedy.  Especially how he worked for healthcare for all.  And he mentioned healthcare for everyone at least three times during the prayer.  So that was some nice sanity during the lunacy.  The lunacy coming back strong when some idiot yelled “chappaquiddick” right after the prayer.  Classy.

She countered the whole “death panels” “argument” (among many other things).  Basically all it does is reimburse doctors for discussing end of life options with patients.  And gets the family together so that everyone is on the same page.  She even talked about the irony of the whole misinformation lie.  It’s not doctors deciding when people can die, it specifically puts that decision in the patients hands.

And that’s about it.  I kind of shut off after about 40 minutes.  It was just too much…  It was like these people were 12 years old.  Hell even younger than that.  Yelling MINE, MINE, MINE.

All these people are deathly, and in some cases that’s not hyperbole, deathly afraid of their taxes going up if we got single payer.  I went and looked at the tax I would be paying in Canada, 15%.  Tax I pay here, 15%.  Wow, would you look at that.  The same.  But, but!  When you add in the health care:  Canada 15%, Here 31%.  Even if my taxes were to go up say 5% to pay for the Universal Health Care.  I would still save 11%.  That’s a large chunk of a paycheck…

Okay, I feel on the verge of rambling and I think is my longest post ever…

So let me sum this all up by saying that this whole experience is causing me to seriously consider moving to another country.  Canada is looking nice…

And it’s not like I would be leaving my country.  My country left me…


  1. I love you. I’m sorry you were disillusioned – I tend to count on you to be my ray of sunshine. I wish I could be more of that for you.

    Comment by Chelsea — August 27, 2009 @ 5:18 am

  2. Michael, I feel the same way. You may also note that the reason there were not more pro-reform people there, at least in my case, we were at our jobs, working and paying our taxes! Also, there is a lot more support for reform than is present at these “meetings”. I have my hopes that the bill will pass and all these asscobs (my new favorite word) will have absolute fits and either keel over from shock or go away.

    Anyway, thanks for attending the town hall meeting, and wading through the insanity.

    Comment by Nerethel — August 27, 2009 @ 7:36 am

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