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August 10, 2012

Grateful – 081012

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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these and I figured that it’s about time, since things are going so good.

Let’s see..  New phone! I’m actually posting this from my new Samsung galaxy s 3.

So I’m grateful for that, the new furniture, the new apartment to put the new furniture in.

I’m grateful that I got to work on a Habitat for Humanity house. It’s hard, but very rewarding work.

I’m grateful that I get to replace Chelsea’s bike tomorrow.

Life is good.


November 12, 2011


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Pictures! How will you ever contain your enthusiasm?! (The interrobang should totally be a thing)

I like this shot around the corner.

Cute cats.  I like catching them like this.

First of two leaves shots.  I love the contrast of the dark bark and light leaves.

I love how it looks like the colors are “bleeding” off or alternatively like someone airbrushed yellow around the green.  I’ll think of it like that.  Little fairies with little fairy airbrush tool.  That’s a busy job.  Good thing they only have to do it once a year.

Picture of yarn I took at Borealis.  I was fiddling with aperture sizes and depth of field. (That’s aperture sizes, not Aperture Science.  Different.)

From pretty leaves to this.  Which, in my opinion has it’s own kind of beauty.  You can almost hear the land growing quiet for winter.  Settling in.



October 3, 2011


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Today was overall a good day.
Went to see moneyball, cleaned the apartment, had a screwup that left everyone unhappy. But we had neighbors over and that went well so the day ended well.

I’m grateful for nice neighbors.
I’m grateful that the movie theater is across the street.
I’m grateful our apartment seems like a home now.
I’m grateful we get to buy lingerie and weights now.

September 11, 2011

A couple of pictures, and grateful

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We went on a bike ride yesterday and this is what we saw:

Hidden Falls, Saint Paul, Minnesota

And apparently, Reck…

A beautiful day for a bike ride.  8 miles.  Nice.

Today was another beautiful day.
My gratefuls will probably tell my day.

Today I am grateful for:

  • A beautiful day to be outside and read
  • Impromptu naps outside
  • Grilling with friends and neighbors
  • Meeting new people
  • A day that was lazy and long and fulfilling

August 28, 2011

State Fair

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So I went to the fair yesterday.  Overall pretty good.  It’s not as much fun going alone as it was growing up.  Took about 30ish pics, 12 I put in my g+ space, and three I will put here.

I failed state fair attendance.  I didn’t get anything on a stick.  😐

It’s okay though because I got a boatload of cookies to go with my unlimited milk.  (Too many cookies it turned out.)

So without further ado, here are the pics:

Pregnant sheep is pregnant.

Pregnant sheep is pregnant.

Sky glide/ride

Sky glide, ride, I forget.  It’s a thing you ride through the sky.

If the house from up had wings

If the house from up had wings.

I’m also going to sneak today’s grateful in here.

I’m grateful for lazy days.

I’m grateful I got a few chores done.

I’m grateful Subway is close.

I’m grateful it’s only three more days until Chelsea.

October 23, 2010

Our bed.

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Last night in our comfy bed. I can sleep anywhere (side effect of growing up in lots of foster homes) but it won’t be near as comfy as our air mattress.

And it won’t have my favorite person in the world in it…

I’m going to miss you terribly, Chelsea.

October 22, 2010


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I’ve started packing. Well let me rephrase that. I’ve started the packing of stuff I’m taking with me to MN.
Chelsea and I have been packing up the house for the last week or so.
But now its even more final.

I’m going to miss our friends. But even more than that, I’ll miss Chelsea. I know we’ve done this before, but it doesn’t make it fun.

I am looking forward to the new job though, that and I enjoy telling people that I work for American Public Media / Minnesota Public Radio.

September 16, 2010

Good quote

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“”A study of 145 preschool children reports, for the first time, that when the concentrations of two common phthalates in mothers’ prenatal urine are elevated their sons are less likely to play with male-typical toys and games, such as trucks and play fighting.” Maybe this will be the issue that makes concerns over toxins crossover to conservativeland. Yes, these plastics are turning your sons into sensitive nancy-boys who are no good at sports!”

July 16, 2010

Reason for Unfollowing…

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I unfollowed Nathan Fillion on Twitter a few days ago.

Last week a person posted to the internet a video of a rainbow and his reaction to it.  He was foolish enough to show great enthusiasm for said rainbow, and the internet, which as we all know can be quite cruel, made fun of him for it.  The reason I’ve unfollowed Nathan Fillion is because he joined with the internet in mocking this person.  Heavily.  Sure, it was vaguely amusing, and not “cool” in the slightest, but by joining in (and egging on) the mockery, Fillion joined in a disturbing trend.  You see, in our society, it’s not appropriate to be truly enthusiastic about anything (with the exceptions of sports and celebrities).  This aversion to enthusiasm (and to intelligence, which might be related) shows that apparently we want to be a country of boring, dull, idiots.  That attitude is not representative of the culture I want to live in, and I won’t support people who perpetuate it.

Let the man commune with nature; Gods know we don’t have enough of that these days.  For all the mockers know, that man could have very well have found God, connected with the Source, or discovered the sacred in that moment – but I forget.  That’s not very cool, either.

July 11, 2010

New Blog Design gets New Pics

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As promised here are some new pics to go with the new blog design.  I have a lot more pics than this, but this is what I have after doing HDR magic.

First four are free hand (no tripod) so may be a tad blurry…

And the next four are from July 4th weekend, using a table and a stick for a tripod :).

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